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Raster Report




GIS remote sensing, gas, electric, utilites, right of way, advanced warning, circuit patrol, combustion indicators, utility

Our Vision

The primary objective at Raster Report is to save lives, property and resources by identifying specific areas of higher combustion probability as far in advance as possible before an ignition event.


By merging remote sensing, wildland fire ecology and utility experience with the latest analytics processes, we deliver an additional line of defense to your Right-of Ways and Assets. By identifying areas of potential higher combustion probability, providing you advanced warning to take mitigative action. We understand that not all fires are preventable, and some fires are natural and even necessary, but we aim to mitigate disastrous and unnecessary effects that can happen from fire.

potential fire danger data, system integrity, ai, remote sensing, spatial temporal analysis

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Our Story

Raster Report was built from the necessity to take a more proactive approach to wildland fire mitigation. As wildland fire frequency and severity continue to increase, more lives are at stake as well as assets and resources.


Our intricate understanding of fire ecology and its variables at local and regional scales, combined with GIS, Remote Sensing, Gas and Electric Utility experience, provide the optimal combination of industry knowledge, technical aptitude and vision to help utilities adapt immediately, while also preparing for the future. 

right-of ways, assets, vegetation management, inspections, line inspections, electric distribution, wildland fire mitigation

Our Technology

High temporal frequency data from the constellation of Earth facing sensors is processed and analyzed to model areas of potential fire danger. 


Human insight, combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning, provides the most comprehensive way to protect the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI).

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