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We conduct geospatial analytics of satellite imagery to identify areas of potential increased fire danger. What does this mean for you?


Asset protection for safer energy delivery

Improved grid reliability

More efficient inspection processes to reduce costs

No integrations 

No upgrades

No new training


Your first line of defense in wildfire mitigation

01 / Gather

The most recent multispectral satellite imagery is collected and configured for geospatial analysis of our client service territory.

02 / Process

Deep learning analytics are conducted with the collected aggregate data to identify specific fire danger areas in or near the Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI).

03 / Deliver

Concise, easy to interpret results and recommendations are provided to the client by a subject matter expert on a regular interval basis.

Let's chat

To learn how Raster Report can help you modernize your wildland fire mitigation processes, schedule a custom demo with one of our subject matter experts today.

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