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Protecting lives, assets and resources with geospatial analytics.

Lower O&M costs from Day 1.

No new software

No integrations

No new training

Drone Over the Mountains Inspecting Assets

Right resources. Right location.

Drought Index, Wildfire Index

Advanced warning of fire danger

Raster Report Wildifre Risk Analysis
Lidar and Vegetation Management

Safer assets, fewer outages.

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Forest Fire Camera Detection
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Satellite and AI driven risk analysis identifies precise locations of elevated fire danger.

Providing weekly updated results for prioritized right of way inspections and T&D circuit patrols.

Easy to read map deliverable

There is no need to implement new software or conduct extensive training, which minimizes the growing pains of organizational change management.

Reduce aerial inspection costs

Lidar, drone, and fixed wing fly overs can cost millions of dollars, especially in large service territories. Prioritize where those flights go by knowing where the highest fire danger locations are.

Lowering your enterprise expenditures

Proven geospatial analytics, combined with our extensive wildfire science and utility experience, enable your asset and vegetation inspection cycles to be more cost effective by sending the right resources to the right locations at the right time.

Supplement Drought Indices and Fire Behavior Models

Combining spectral indicators with soil water balance indices enhances the accuracy of identifying precise locations of elevated fire danger. This information can build a more accurate fire behavior model.

Making your energy delivery safer

Spectral analysis focuses on early and precise detection of increased fire danger areas, providing you advanced warning to prioritize your vegetation and asset inspections.

mid-cycle inspections

What if high resolution imagery or lidar models identify 100 trees encroaching into an easement? What about 1,000 trees? 10,000 trees?

Strengthening your grid reliability

AI risk analysis by our SMEs provides a robust supplemental line of defense for your electrical transmission and distribution systems that reinforces safe and reliable energy delivery. 

Optimize ground-based sensor deployments

Whether it’s cameras or other sensors to detect active fires or asset anomalies, knowing where to place them makes their use the most cost effective.

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